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Total Pictures for this gallery: 33

Jerod Jeffery's Turkey Tail, Beard, Spurs, & Broadhead
NEW DISPLAY for turkey beards
Cherly Judge's Turkey 2006
Turkey Tail In a Picture Frame
Drake Woodduck
Standing Drake Woodduck
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Total Pictures for this gallery: 43

Reproduction Northern Pike  for  MIke Milder
Earl Mincks reproduction Northern Pike
alligator garr 7 ft long
Reproduction Large Mouth Bass
Reproduction Bluegill
Reproduction Northern
Reproduction Northern with Reproduction Walleye
Reproduction Large Mouth Bass
Musky reproduction
Reproduction Walleye
7ft Alligator Garr
Reproduction Walleye
2 Reproduction Flathead Catfish
Mike Beck's  Large Mouth Bass
Reproduction Walleye pedistal mount {light colored}
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Total Pictures for this gallery: 43

Jim Millards Antelope
Mule deer in Velvet
Half Mount  Mule Deer
Alaskan Caribou
Show room pictures
Colorado Elk
Ken Conor Colorado Mule Deer 2011
Alligator Skull
Mouflon Sheep
Painted Desert Sheep
Mountain Zebra  Taken by J.D.Schreur
Red Hartebeest taken by J.D. Schreur
Cape Buffalo taken by J.D. Schreur
Spring Bok
Black Wildebeest
Third place Master in Gameheads in Missouri Competition
Camo European skull mount
Red Fox with quail
Justins half mount Mule Deer
Half Mount Whitetail
Wyoming Antelope
European skull mount on natural habitat
red Fox
Jimmy Etter's non typical big  bow buck 2012!
JD's New Zealand Finished Animals
Caribou with artifical velvet!
New Zealand Red Stag
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Total Pictures for this gallery: 65

Fighting Ottumwa Bucks - on display at Pioneer Ridge in Ottumwa
Pioneer ridge Whitetail Deer Display
Pioneer Ridge Wolf Display
Blonde Coon
Bobcat Mount
J.D. Schreur's Silver tip Grizzly
Bobcat Rug
Black Bear Rug
Bobcat mount
Leopard ready to pounce on a Graysbok!
wood chuck
Bats in display for Polk County Conservation
JD's New Zealand Finished Animals
JD's New Zealand Finished Animals
JD's New Zealand Finished Animals
JD's New Zealand Finished Animals
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Total Pictures for this gallery: 40

Half mount 10ft. Alligator
alligatorHalf mount
Swimmming Alligator
Reproduction Baby Alligators
Mike Plummer's 10' 6in. Gator, Naples, Fl.
The Day the Serpent Arrived
Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
Green Iguana
Chuck Halliers 8 ft. 6in. Gator
Chuck Halliers Life Size Alligator
Timber Rattle snake
13 ft. 6in. Crocodile taken by J.D. SChreur
Crocodile going after a drinking Duiker with an on looking Impala!
Alligator rug taken by David Groom
Alligator taken by David Groom
Timber Rattler
10 Ft. 6 in. Florida Gator
Half Mount Alligator
Half mount gator
Bearded Lizard
Bearded Lizard
Ball Python   42
Mike Merrill Half mount Alligator
Taking this Croc to have a crate made!  Got a lot of strange looks!!  LOL!
Puff Adder
Crate being made to ship this Croc to the West Coast!
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Total Pictures for this gallery: 94

Pat Jones brings out his big Wyoming  Mule Deer
Jon Frank  Fall of 2006
Zach Bedford  Long Nose Garr   with fishing bow and arow
Meliissa's first archery hunt 2009!!!
Clint Neis's Antelope 2009
Don Darland
Don Darland's walleye trip
Great Buck - Jon Frank
Adam Franks Great Buck this fall
Brett with his Trophy Antelope
Blaise Rupe with a big heavy Iowa Whitetail
Melissa's first deer black powder, fall '07
Clint Neis traditional hunt with home made arrows!!!  2007
Dennis Revis with his Mule Deer in  South Dakota 2007
Dennis Revis's Mule Deer with Does in South Dakota 2007
Dennis Schemmel  with his Manitoba Black Bear (Dark Brown Phase) 2006
Jon Scherbring's Javelina
Jon Scherbring
Jon Scherbring's Blue Fin Tuna
Jim MIllard's Cougar Colorado Dec. '08
Clint Neis bow fishing carp
Jim's 12' 3
jim Millard's big gator
Kim Etter's Black powder Buck 10/24/2009
Clint and Brett Wy. 2011
Clint with his Trophy Antelope 2011
Clint Neis 2010
Deer hunting 2010
JD Schreur  2011 trip to Africa
JD Schreur  2011 trip to Africa
Just one of Carl Larsen's Big Bass!!
Great Buck!!!!   Tiffani Brush  2011
Doug Button  with a Trophy Painted Desert Ram!!  2012
Renea Button with a Great Corsican Ram  !! 2012
8 year old Kale Bollinger caught this BIG BASS!!
Marks  20Lb Northern
Great Northern Mark
Jerry Meacham Big Horn Sheep Oct 2012
Dennis Schemmel with an African Crocodile
Dennis Schemmel with an African Elephant
Chuck Hallier 9 foot Alligator taken with his bow.
Clint Neiss fall 2012 turkey
Doug Buttons Bow Kill 2012
Greg Millers Black Powder Buck  2012
Doug Button Huge Wisconson White tail
Doug Buttons W/Tail Scored a 193 !!
Cooper Eckhardt  Ibex 2012
Robert and Karol Tubbs Bull Elk they killed together !!
Michael O Sullivan with his real nice Wy. Antelope 2012
Chris O Sullivan with a great Wy. Mule Deer 2012
Clint Neiss with a Great Thanksgiving White Tail 2012
J.D.s Leopard
Clint Neiss Deer Season 2012!!
Jimmy Etter 2011 Shot Gun 2011
Jonathan Etter is bring home the meat!!  2012
J.D.s  Impala
J.D. Schreurs Cape Buffalo
JDs 13 ft  6 in  Croc   Africa 2012
J.D.s   Duiker
J.D. s  Waterbuck
J.D.s Graysbok
J.D.s Bushbuck
Renee Button's Great Fallow Deer  with her husband Doug
Jd Schreur
Shawn Reger's Big wide 10 Point Buck 2014!!
Doug Button's Big Heavy Wisconsin Buck 2014!!
Jim Berns nice Black Crappie
Steve's Big Buck 2014
Jimmy Etter's big non typical bow kill 2012!
Aaron Frazier's Wyoming Black Bear
J. D. Schreur's New Zealand Silver Stag
JD's New Zealand Fallow Deer
JD's New Zealand Chamois
JD's New Zealand Tahr
Great Archery Antelope taken by Clayton Coder sept. 2015!
Zach's Great Deer 2015
Justin Riley's  Great Archery Buck 2016
Steel Heads in New Zealand
Alex Cundiff's Great 2020 Buck
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Total Pictures for this gallery: 169

Hunting mule deer in Wyoming 2004
Justin, Wyoming antelope hunt 2004
Shep, Wyoming antelope hunt 2004
Justin, Wyoming mule deer hunt 2004
Shep, Wyoming antelope hunt 2006
Shep,Wyoming mule deer hunt 2006
Shep, Wyoming antelope hunt 2006
Hunting mule deer in Wyoming 2002
Shep and Jeremy Freer, TX October 2005
Jeremy's Baracuda
Alaska fishing 2009
Antelope hunting 2007
Alex's (grandson)  Big Catch of the Day
Good day of bow fishing for Jeremy
Jeremy' bow kill
Justin, Shot gun kill 1999
Alex is passing time while turkey hunting
Shep, Wyoming antelope hunting
Alaska Caribou hunting turned upside down
Shep, Quebec caribou hunt 1992
Shep,Quebec caribou hunting 1989
Proud Dad with his boys!!
Jeremy's first deer,     Nice Camo
Jeremy's  Buffalo hunt with a bow
Iowa deer hunting
Oregon Black Bear ( brown phase) hunted with dogs.
Jeremy's 16th birthday  present  Mouflon Ram that made Safari Club record books with bow
1986 Colorado Elk hunt
Alaska Caribou hunt
Bow hunting Turkey in Iowa
Justin's 16th birthday present , Wild Boar Hunt.
Iowa bow kill
Su's 12 lb  Rain Bow
Iowa Bow hunting
Ram hunt
9' lizard with a bow 2006
10ft. 6in. gator
Justin, Amber Jack caught while down in Texas
Jeremy Brown 2006 Whitetail Shotgun Season - 135 3/8 Points
Justin Brown 2006 Whitetail Shotgun Season- 170 1/8 Points
Shep's 2007 buck and doe
Mac Kenzie catching a nice fish!!  Summer of 2011
Jeremy's Big 8 point buck!
Brown boys put their big bucks down 5 hours apart opening day 2006
Jeremy's Barracuda and king Mackril
Justin's Amber Jack and King Mackeral
Justin's Javelina
Shep's and Jeremy's sharks
Jeremy's Barracuda and King Mackerel
 Cross Bow hunting in Florida 2007
Great day of fishing!!!!
A great  night of hunting Florida Gators 2008
  The  Long Shot!!!
Pat Jones bring out one of our Mule deer
Some of the wildlife that we saw while on our hunt
Deer camp (Jim and Kim Etter house)
Good friend and great hunting Partner Tom Tobin
Another good season
Good week end hunt
7 foot gator
Great day of bird hunting
The Great Gator Hunters
Granddaughter Mackenzie, was also having fun catching the big ones!!
Great day out with your boys!
Good days hunt  in 2008
Tom Tobin
7' 8
Jeremy &
Tag teamed a nice buk in 2008
Our hunting crew
Our best year ever on filing tags!
Axis Deer Texas 2011
Texas Barracuda
2010 Deer Season
Javelina Hunting in Texas
Jim Etter
Tom Tobins Javelina
Sheps Javelina 2011
Shep and Toms second Javelinas
2011 Bow Kill
Justin's 2 Alligators taken Labor day Weekend 2011
Bonita caught in Florida Labor  day week-end 2011
Justin and Shep having a great day deep sea fishing, Florida 2011
Justin hooked into a Giant Grouper, Florida 2011
Shep and Jeremy Javelina Hunting in AZ. Feb. 2012
Justin 2011 Bow Season
Justin 2011 Shot Gun 2011
Shep Shot Gun Season 2011
Justin Shot Gun 2012
Justin with second 10 pointer 2012
Shot gun 2012 with both his bucks
2012 Bow Season
Sheps Bow kill
Celebrating Alex Brown 16th Birthdat  2013
Our Grandson Alex Birthday Present!!  2013
Justin with his Big Boar  2013
Shep with a Big Boar  2013
Justins Florida Alligator
Sheps 10ft 4in Florida Gator
Sept. 20th. 2014
Julia's 16th Birthday Present from here Grandpa
Very Proud Dad with his daughter!
Proud Grandpa with his oldest son,Justin, and oldest granddaughter,Julia.
Alex's first deer down!!
Great New Zealand trip 2015!!
Justin with his wild Ram in New Zealand
Shep And Linda Gaylord's New Zealand Tahr!!
Justin's  Himalayan Tahr  13
Shep's Fallow Deer with guide Chris England in New Zealand
Justin with Brent Moody (owner of Mountain Hunter's NZ) with his Old Gold Stag!
Proud parents with Justin and his NZ Stag!!
Shep with his Silver Stag
This my first time hunting pigs with dogs and a KNIFE!!
Great group of guys that made the pig hunt a success and one that I will never forget!!
Justin's Tahr in the southern Alps, New Zealand
Justin's Tahr  April 2015
2016 Whitetail Buck
My Grandson Alex with his biggest White Tail so far!!
Manitoba Black Bear 2016
Big Black Bear visits Justin's stand after Justin shot his bear earlier!
Jeremy on his 2016 Ontario Bear hunt
Alex with his nice Ontario Black Bear!
Jeremy with his Nice Ontario Black Bear 2016
3 generations in Nipigon Ontario! 4 tags filled, Great trip!
Justin's Nice Black Bear taken in Nipigon Ontario 2016
Jeremy's Black bear!!!
2016 Iowa Buck 155 3/8
2019 New Zealand Trip
Justin's 401 Elk
New Zealand Steelhead Trout 2019
New Zealand Stealhead Trout
New Zealand   2019
Group pic in New Zealand 2019
Sika Deer  New Zealand  2019
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